NEW! 17th Century English Infantry Baldrics
see leather

Infantry Baldric

Officer's Baldric

NEW! Small Belt Boxes
Specify Decorated or Plain Available in Black, Natural or Brown  $35.00

NEW! Decorated Cartridge Box
These are unlined and come with matching Mug Strap  $60.00

NEW! Leather Snapsack
see Cloth Goods for info

Sea Chests and Captain's Ditty Boxes
see wood for info and photos


The Whydah Cartridge Box see leather  for info

Storage Boxes see wood for info 

Tables & Benches
                               2' Table, see wood, for more info.

                              18" Bench, 
see wood,
for more info

New Bottles

Just picked up these bottles over the weekend
They are handblown glass.

These are about 7" tall and are .............................. $35.00

I'll be making custom leather belt slings for these for an additional $12.00 per.

Blown Glass Pitcher ........ $50.00


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